Friday, January 14, 2011

Throwing up

How does one get a toddler to keep down his medicine ?

Swe-cha is on antibiotics now, I mix it with milk and he drinks it w/ no complaints (not anymore) but 5 - 10 minutes later, he's throwing it up.

Doc says that it's my decision to give him another dose now or to wait till the next dose. But we were dispensed the exact amount of medicine so if I give him another dose now, we're going to come up short later on. Also, we are fast running out of clothes and pads (for covering the mattress) unless we do the laundry every day and take note, Swe-cha has a lot of PJs he received over Christmas, his birthday and pasalubongs from aunts/uncles.


Edit: Just got off the phone w/ Swe-cha's doctor, we're getting his meds changed to a one-dose-a-day antibiotic. This is still in suspension form (I prefer drops sana) but with only 1 daily dose needed, we can probably schedule this so that it fits in nicely between meals. Hopefully, if Swe-cha takes it on a non-empty stomach, he can tolerate it much better.

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