Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good weekend

This weekend, with the exception of Swe-cha's fall, is one of our best weekends ever.

First off, we attended a friend's birthday party on Saturday and during that party:
(a) Swe-cha didn't cry when we went there and walked up to friend's house willingly

(b) When we saw his Ninong, I pointed him out and asked Swe-cha to hug Ninong. He went! (said Ninong then looked at me and asked "nagulat ka rin no ?" =)

(c) He passed a soccer ball around a few times with another guest's child - this was of his own initiative

(d) Did a few hand tricks with Ninang (high fives, align, and some others we didn't know about), I wasn't close enough to see how he did but there was no drama

(e) When we were leaving, he initiated a hug with Ninang's daughter.

On Sunday, we went to music school and he engaged with his teacher 100%! He was singing songs and playing instruments (the big & small drums, shakers, and the xylophone) with the teacher.

We went to Dunkin Donuts afterwards to grab breakfast and he ate 2 egg/cheese wraps (we had to kill time before mass).

And when we heard mass afterwards, he behaved the whole time and we were able to finish mass!

The only thing that marred this weekend was that he fell and hit his forehead on a corner of the wall just before naptime. His bruise swelled like crazy and I was so scared. Looks like he's okay now, but we do need to observe him and watch out for signs of concussion (pls pray with us that he'll be fine).

Monday, March 2, 2015


Today, Swe-cha came home with a missing zipper handle on his backpack.

If we were in the Philippines, I would simply bring this to my neighborhood Mr Quickie to be fixed.

If I were to show this to my Dad, he'd fashion a handle out of some scraps and attach it to the zipper body - I actually remember him attaching a round aluminum ring to a broken luggage zipper when I was little.

Since we don't have a neighborhood Mr Quickie here and my parents aren't due for a visit till spring, I've had to channel my inner-McGyver and fashion something out of what scraps / parts I have at home. I reused the toggle and elastic cord that I salvaged from hubby's ruined jacket*.

Sometimes, there's really an advantage to being a hoarder (translation: basurero).


* Last November, hubby's winter jacket got ruined beyond repair (spent too long in the dryer) and before throwing it out, we salvaged as much spare parts as we could - I cut off the toggles and as much elastic cord as I could pull out.

Super Cool!

Swe-cha's favorite expression these days is "Super Cool".

I don't really know where he picked that up and what it really means but from what I can gather....

(a) Apple juice is cool. Drop an ice cube into the juice cup is "Super cool!"

(b) trains are cool, cars that can be launched from a launcher are "super cool"

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Color schemes and furniture

Since we got the lighting installed in our MBR last week, I've been pushing to get a decision on the paint & bedroom furniture. Like I said, it's been a year and a few months since we moved and none of the 4 bedrooms are "properly" furnished yet, medyo nakakahiya na.

Another factor to consider is that my parents will be coming for a visit again in the next month or 2, this will be their 3rd visit since we moved, and super nakakahiya na for them to see that we still haven't done much.

We both work full time --> this is our excuse. We're usually exhausted when we get home and I would rather play / spend quality time w/ our child when I get home. Well, and yeah, tamad rin.

So now that we sorta have this momentum going... I'd really like for it to go on till we finish one project (we've got lots more waiting in line).

I think we won't have a problem with the paint choices as we've been looking at paint chips and both hubby and I gravitate towards the same shades anyway. The furniture - specifically, the bed - will be more of an issue.

So far, the mashup of both wishlists seem to be:
- no boxspring, so this limits our bed frame choices to storage beds or platform beds (pareho lang ba yun ?).
- contemporary look - not traditional and not too modern. We'd also like to stay away from sleigh beds.
- not upholstered
- king-sized mattress w/o springs, he'd like a foam mattress (not necessarily memory foam, but there doesn't seem to be any regular foam mattresses available in the US, puro memory foam lang which is so expensive), she'd like something more affordable.
- something that is open at the bottom so there's more air flow.

Monday, February 16, 2015

MBR Lighting

We finally got around to contacting a licensed electrician and getting recessed lighting installed in the master bedroom - it only took us a year and 3 months. We had 4 cans installed and put in daylight dimmable bulbs - hubby and I are so pleased.

It's not such a difficult project, really, it only took the guys (an electrician and an assistant) a couple of hours to get everything installed. That also includes cleaning up after themselves.

The delay was due to the fact that I wanted someone with good references who could come in and do the actual work on a weekend. When I finally did find one,  he wanted to drop by on a weekday to scope up the work and give a proper estimate. It took some creative finagling with our schedules but the stars did line up recently.

We're now 1 step nearer to getting our MBR set up. Next step is to paint over the blue walls - I never liked the shade of blue and found it too drab - and when we have that done, the last step is to buy furniture.


It's 2 degrees outside and it really feels like -18 because of the windchill.

Yes, in case you are wondering, it feels like -18 FAHRENHEIT outside right now.

I wasn't able to sleep well last night because I keep hearing the howling of the wind and then I worry that our roof is going to get blown off. This thought then brings my worrying to a whole different level because I start thinking about the cost of replacing the roof and the cold and how we're going to keep the house habitable while the roof is out and being repaired,..... well, you get the point. Hence, the sleeplessness.

It seems like winter has been getting colder and harsher year after year. I don't remember it being this cold in the past decade that I've been here.

As for the family, we have just been keeping warm in the house, we haven't been out once the entire weekend and looks like Swe-cha and I will be staying home all day again tomorrow, given that it's a holiday. We are thankful that we haven't been getting snow, unlike the New England states. It's bad enough that our brakes are failing (mine failed on my way to work last Friday and I had to pull over into a grocery store parking lot to get it pumped/primed/warmed up) due to the extreme cold, I wouldn't want to have to fight my way through ice & snow on the streets as well.

One highlight of the weekend though is how much fun hubby and I had making "shaken iced tea". I've been somehow addicted to Starbucks' version and this weekend, we made some and shook it up in a bottle, making a lot of froth, it was a lot of fun and so yummy. Compared to Starbucks, it was cheap too (and you know that this is my operative word)!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nothing beats old school

While I was pregnant with our son, I had a grand idea. I thought photobooks were the way to go instead of going with regular photo albums.

I'm not crafty so while I collected mementos, I just put them in a box and didn't bother with a scrapbook.

Now, our son is 5 and the only thing I have to show are 2 photobooks. One covers his 1st bday celebration in Manila and the other covers a trip to California where we spent Christmas with my sister's family.


The trick is really to collect photos & lay them out as you go along. This is really something that's easier to do with old-school albums where you just print & slip the photos in and don't have to worry about designs, layouts, embellishments, backgrounds and captions. You can always go back to them in the future if you feel the need for captions but with photobooks, you really have to sit down and that is something that I have not been able to do.

Yesterday, I dropped by Michael's and purchased said albums.  I also picked up some photos that I had printed out in Costco, those are meant to go into frames and will go in the bookshelf. It's been a year since we moved and we can't keep putting off "unpacking" forever, sana maayos na namin yung library.