Friday, June 8, 2018

Summer schedule

Talked to the boss this afternoon to give him a heads up on my summer schedule and it's a go. He is such a great boss for a working mom like me.

I'll be working from home during the transition days:
- the week after school ends and before summer camp starts
- the weeks after summer camp ends and before school starts

During the summer camp days, I'd be reporting to the office in the morning and would go home at noon. I'd then step away from work for a bit to pick up Swe-cha from summer camp. 

I could've worked from home the entire time but desk space is at a premium and I heard from a source that the company is keeping track of how often employees come in and if they run out of space, they'd assign desks depending on your attendance.  I don't want to get moved to a hoteling-desk.

Anyway.... so far as summer plans go, I'm glad to report that everything is looking good. The only fly in the ointment is the 14 minute walk to and from my parking building to my office building. I am so not looking forward to be walking outside at NOON under the hot summer sun.

If you happen to be along the streets of Newark and see the 1 person walking under an umbrella,... come over and say "Hi". That person would most probably be me :-)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Backyard tree

I come home one May (5/3) afternoon and was amazed by this sight.

We've been living in this house for 5 years and I don't remember this tree looking like this - I probably spend so little time outdoors and so little time looking at my surroundings that I have been missing out on this beautiful sight all this time.

I wonder what kind of tree this is ? The foliage turns green eventually.

My photos don't do it justice.

It really is beautiful.

Monday, June 4, 2018


Today, I feel saddened by the loss of a talented person.

He works for a vendor and I've been working closely with him these past couple of years to customize the application.

He passed away from a heart attack last night and was fine before that (or so we think).

He's only in his 40s and has young kids which even makes this more tragic.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Q: What’s your favorite holiday ?
Swe-cha: my favorite holiday is Good Friday
Swe-cha: because class is canceled. On Good Friday, there is no school.


Q: What’s your favorite season?
Swe-cha: my favorite season is winter
Swe-cha:  because it’s a snow day. Classes is cancelled for snow day. On snow day, there is no school.


Last night, he rummaged in the drawers and finds his old elastic bandage from when he sprained his ankle. He asked me to put it on his foot.

Suspicious, I asked him where it hurts and he just keeps saying "there" without really pointing to a specific spot.

So I put it on him and when done, he covers his face with his hands .....

Swe-cha: Huhuhu! My foot is hurt, school is cancelled. I stay at home with Mommy.

I wonder if it's fake ?