Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Swe-cha and Mr R call Ms B on Facetime...

Ms B: Hi S! I like your shirt
S: Thank you.
Ms B: What color is it ?
S: (looks down at his colorful, tie-dyed shirt) rainbow!


While practicing conversations w/ Mr R...

Mr R: Tell me something about Ms B.
S: I talked to Ms B on the phone
Mr R: Good.
S: I'll call 201-xxx-xxxx (Mr R's phone number)
Mr R: That's amazing S, how do you still remember that ?
S: I don't know.


On the phone with A-i...

A-i: Hi S, what's your favorite toy ?
S: Jenga
A-i: can you teach me how to play Jenga ?
S: First you put in, then you stack it and then you crash it, yay!