Sunday, November 25, 2012

The forgotten one

My husband forgot my birthday and yes, despite the fact that we're not big on celebrating our birthdays & anniversaries (no parties, presents, flowers nor any hullabahoo), I was very disappointed that I did not even receive a greeting from him. How can he forget me ? We've been together for more than a decade plus I bore and gave birth to his only child!

He claims that he did not forget my birthday but he just lost track of the days - but hey, does it really matter at this point ?

It's been a few weeks and I still have not quite forgotten how it was to be forgotten. Other than the side comments (translation: parinig) every now and then, I've been pretty good about it, I think. I've been extra nice (possibly so he'd feel even more remorseful, I don't really know) and even got him a Samsung Note II (okay, it was more like a joint decision and he was long overdue for a cellphone upgrade but I said yes to the additional expense).

Anyway, I'm beginning to think that having one's birthday forgotten does have its perks. I am blogging now, see ? Hubby put our child to bed tonight and despite Swe-cha still being awake after 2 hours, I don't hear any screaming from hubby. He's still hanging in there patiently. Goodness knows how disappointed / mad I will be if he cannot do this one thing - put our child to bed - for me tonight.

Also, he's taken the enormous task of doing general-cleaning in our house. Our place has been in total chaos, even more so after I started working again. He volunteered himself for this task (w/o any reference to forgetting my birthday) and I promised him that in return, I'll stop with the snide comments.

If and when he finishes cleaning up our house & organizing our closets ? Okay na and it'll be worth the heartache (or close). Yes, our house has gotten *that* bad.

Chili Sauce Container

One of the ways that I've re-purposed our old milk-storage bottles is to use them to store condiments.

Pictured is a container of chili sauce - the type that you usually get with dimsum. When we get some dumplings for take-out, we usually get a small container or two of the chili sauce and they come in those flimsy disposable containers. They're okay but they do tend to spill.

Don't worry, I don't plan on using these bottles for breastmilk ever again :-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My not-so-baby brother

My not-so-baby brother came for a short visit last week. He left yesterday.

As I was helping him pack his luggage*, it suddenly occurred to me this was probably the last time I was going to pack his stuff for him because the next time he comes visiting, he'd be a married man! His wife will be doing the packing, haha!

I found myself in tears that night. My baby brother may still be a baby when it comes to packing luggage but he's all grown up.

* our older sister helped pack his bags for him when he left CA and our Dad probably packed his luggage when he left Manila :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012


So our neighbor sees hubby pulling this loaded trolley up to our house and comments, "wow, how do you fit all that in a tiny apartment ?" Hubby says, "Easy, you take out everything in the closet and you put these in." and they both laugh.

I think that our neighbor was just too polite to ask her real question - "you can use all that ?"

The thing is,... she didn't see what we brought in 2 weeks ago, these bottles of water & packs of toilet paper  are from a separate shopping trip. If she had seen these, her eyes would pop out.

So why do we do this ?

Simple. Our warehouse club membership is expiring and since these are the only things that we buy there - bottled water (for when we go out on trips), toilet paper and roasted seaweed, I didn't think that $55 a year was worth the savings that we get from these supplies. So, the plan is to buy a lot and just renew our membership when we run out. These will surely last us months.

Yep, I'm cheap that way.