Monday, December 31, 2018

The 2018 that was

As I sit down in front of my desk, trying to write a post about 2018, I realize that I don't remember much about how 2018 went - it must have gone that fast!

With a memory that is like a sieve these days, I should make a habit of writing posts more often if only to commemorate events.

The highlights:

- Best summer camp ever - Swe cha enjoyed this year's summer camp and has been asking to go back.
- Swe-cha learned to ride a bike
- multiple trips to Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane harbor, Swe-cha is such a fan of thrill rides.

- watched Disney on Ice: Mickey's Search Party
- a visit from my parents, Swe-cha loved having Ama & Angkong.

The latter part of December 2018 has not been kind to our family beginning with a bout with the stomach flu for Swe-cha, he later passed it over to me and as I still try to recover from that, the husband gets downed too.

And then as if one round wasn't enough, Swe-cha started having a fever again by Christmas. I hope to say goodbye to this virus as we welcome the new year.