Thursday, February 18, 2016

Let's Keep It Real

So the internet has been buzzing about Manny Pacquiao's statement about the LGBT community.

All sorts of people have given their opinions and syempre, may comments rin ako:

- Tama ba namang icompare ang LGBT to animals ? Napaka harsh naman nun. Mas masakit pa kung iisipin mo kung ano si Manny. Kala mo kung sinong napakabanal na tao na walang kasalanan, e kalat na kalat naman yung infidelity nya. Hindi ba ipinagbabawal sa bible ang kumaliwa sa asawa ?

Kunsabagay, am sure na tinawag rin siyang hayop ni jinky nung times na kumakaliwa siya ;)

- Some people say that Manny is a hero, he's done so much for our country and he's even bled for our country - napaka super duper OVER naman nito. Yes, he excelled in his sport and has given our people so much to be proud of. Pero di naman tama na i-compare siya sa mga servicemen whose lives are on the line every day.

Boxing is Manny's sport / livelihood, it's not a service to his community/countrymen.

He is NOT a hero.

- In fairness to Manny Pacquiao, I have to admire his commitment. He apologized for his words but he remained committed to being against same-sex marriage. He's surely lost a lot of votes already, he even got dropped as an endorser by Nike, but he remains steadfast in his resolve.

- It's true that the Catholic Church is against homosexuality but it's also true that the Catholic Church tenets have been around for a long time, baka dapat nang ma-update ?

One time, I had a discussion with a friend about same-sex marriages. Sabi ni friend, against raw siya dahil "Katoliko ako eh and bawal sa simbahan yan". Immediately, I pointed out, "e diba ipinagbabawal rin ng simbahan ang IVF ? bakit nag IVF ka ? " Natahimik at napaisip si friend. Eventually, nung nakapagsalita na siya, "you have a point" ang sagot nya.

- May relative ako na feeling ko LGBT pero hindi naman siya nagladlad pa. Siguro ayaw rin bigyan ng sakit ng ulo ang parents/family nya. Sana someday, may chance rin siya ilabas ang totoong pagkatao nya in public. Can't be easy having to keep your real self a secret.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Maki Mi

I've been craving Maki-Mi for the longest time but we can't seem to find any restaurants in our area which has it - I don't remember seeing it in any of the Chinatown (NYC) shops either. My Aunt in CA makes it and so does my bro-in-law (in CA too) but I've never gotten the chance to ask them how to make it.

Today, the stars came into alignment. I had extra lomo (pork tenderloin) left over from a dish I made a couple of days ago. I wanted something maasim and got a pack of sinigang mix from the Asian store. Then, thinking that it is also Chinese New Year, I went back and got black vinegar too. The black vinegar really pulled everything together and made me think maki-mi.

I started browsing through the net to look for some interesting recipes. The actual cooking process took me a bit longer than usual so we didn't get to sit down for dinner till around 9:30p or just past that but this was so worth the wait.

Honestly, na surprise rin ako that it turned out great. Somewhere in the middle of the process, I tasted my maki soup and medyo nagduda ako and started worrying that I was wasting food.

Hubby loved it so much, he even asked for seconds, nagluto pa ulit ako ng noodles. Nag request pa siya ng wonton noodles for next time (sabi ko sure, sa next Chinese new year ulit).

*pats myself on the back*