Saturday, February 15, 2014

VDay 2014

Spent a wonderful Valentine's Day evening a "The Walking Dead" marathon with the hubby.

It's not exact conventional.... but it's so us :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Storm Pax

Despite only having gotten snow since last night, Winter Storm Pax is really giving us a beating here. This first picture was taken at 9 this morning and just to give you an idea, the snow blower that hubby is using can clear snow up to a 12' depth.  See how it seems like the snow is almost as high as the snow blower at certain points ?

This is what it looks like by 11a. Hope we can still see out the window by the time Pax leaves.
And while Pax is doing her work outside, Hurricane Swe-cha wreaks havoc inside.

I leave him to entertain himself for a 15 minute conference call and I come out of my office to this. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Happy Anniversary, Babe :)

They say that time goes fast when you're having fun and, boy, did time go really fast! I was surprised when we sat down, did the math and realize that it has been 7 wonderful years since we exchanged "I do"s.

7 years na pala, no wonder we've been itching all season long - we thought it was winter itch, hindi pala... 7-year itch pala etong nararamdaman natin.

Praise God!


p.s. Swe-cha would love to have an ice-cream cake to celebrate. Don't forget the crunchies!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Swe-cha has been addressing me as "You" a lot lately.

Yesterday evening, when we arrived home from daycare, we went into the house and as I was putting our bags away, he comes to me holding his jacket's zip which go stuck and said "you", indicating that he wanted me to unzip him.

Then, he sat on the steps, lifted a foot to me and said "you", indicating that he wanted me to help him get his shoes off.


This afternoon, he woke up from his nap, found me in my home office and said "you". Then he pulled me by my shirt, all the way back to the bedroom and pulled me back to bed. He went right back to sleep.

Thankfully, when he woke up, he came down, found me and said "Mommy" before giving me a hug.

It's nice to be upgraded from "you" every now and then.

Snow Thrower

Why, hello there, you handsome hunk of a machine....

For a while there, we thought you weren't going to make it today. Your delivery status said "Package delayed due to inclement weather" - kinda ironic, considering what you are :)

Imagine our surprise when UPS rang the doorbell and left you at our doorstep ?

I still have images of my husband waving lovingly to the UPS truck - TWICE! - and the UPS guy sounding his horn in acknowledgement. 'Twas a very sweet moment.

Anyway, don't worry about performing well tonight. We know this isn't really your element, you're more of a freshly fallen powdered snow type and what we have now is more of a densely packed half-frozen mixture of snow and slush.