Monday, October 8, 2018

Essential Oils

I first started using essential oils (EOs) last year when I purchased a starter kit from Aura Cacia. 

I was getting tired of the usual cleaning products which give me a headache and also leave a chemical smell that lingers in my nose for hours and hours and my research led me to essential oils.

EOs have been around for a long time but the seem to have gained a lot of traction in the recent years because of a popular brand which sells them via a networking or membership scheme.

The starter kit came with 4 EOs - Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint and Tea Tree. Since last year, Tea Tree has become a primary ingredient in my home made cleaning products for its antiseptic properties. Every now and then, I sprayed eucalyptus & peppermint when I wanted to mask food smells at home. 

... that was the extent of my EO usage until recently...

I had been nursing cough/colds for weeks and decided to try a immunity boost using EOs.  Since then, I've gotten a few more EOs, roller bottles, euro-dropper bottles for making blends, 2 diffusers (a 150 ml and a 500 ml). The best part is that the husband seem to have gotten into diffusing EOs as well. He loves to mix his own diffusing blends and discoveries - for example Rosemary + Lemon smells like Halls Honey Lemon from our childhood :)

My EO bottles have swelled beyond the 4 bottles in the starter kit. I have around 10+ now and aside from almost-nightly diffusions, we regularly use an immunity bomb (for myself, still waiting to kick the bug), and a bug bite roller blend (this works so far).