Monday, September 26, 2011


... am currently eating leftover toddler's yogurt, the whole milk kind - yes, the ones with lotsa fat! - because my son ate half and then started spitting it out.

Big boy na kasi siya because he has been snacking on cheerios and pretzels today.

Paano ako di tataba if I have to keep eating his leftovers ? Sayang naman if I don't eat.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mama Fina's

We decided at the last minute to drop by Mama Fina's last night for some takeout (we ate dinner at home). We ordered our usual - lechon kawali, sisig, pork barbeque - and then dropped by at the grocery for a bottle of soda.

Needless to say, dinner was scrumptious - artery-clogging and headache-inducing, yes - but really good. I missed the pinoy food so much that I finished 2 orders of rice all by myself and later that night, I wasn't feeling so well anymore.

To think that 1 order of rice is big enough, I used to not be able to finish it all. Sigh. This was gluttony to the max.

So now, I am making a resolve to eat more sensibly. I won't promise to go on an all-out diet, hindi ko kaya. But I can promise to say no to 2nd servings and then later, when I can, I'll go ahead and have smaller 1st servings.

Small steps.

It's about time that I stop eating like a horse, I'm beginning to lose my weight-loss superpowers since I started pumping less and producing less breastmilk.

am posting Mama Fina's hours here for future reference:
M,W,Th - 11a to 8p
F, Sa - 11a to 9p
Su - 11a to 5p
Tuesdays - closed

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hubby goes off to take a certification exam this afternoon. Before he left, I asked him to call me when he finishes.

So this afternoon,.. my phone rings, it was the hubby and our conversation went like this:

me: how did the test go ? did you pass ?

hubby: yeah. I got a 98.x%, san kaya ako nagkamali ?

LOL! Di rin mayabang, no ?

Later, while checking the test results printout he was given (it was also the temporary certificate), it seems like he only got 1 answer wrong.

Huwaw! Ang GALING...

... humanap ng sample test.

I love you. Congratulations :)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Uh oh.

My pump, who has been my friend and constant companion since Dec 2009, is now making squeaking noises. I didn't really expect to still be breastfeeding at 20 months and yet, here we are, I'm still expressing milk for my little one.

Konting tiis pa, my friend. Hang in there.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Waterproof pads

If there's one advice that I would give to would-be parents when they ask for a list of must-have things,... I'd say multi-use/waterproof pads. Why ?

For starters, the typical infant's layette list includes bedsheets but it doesn't really explain or give an idea of how much one would really need.

In our case, the waterproof pads were a life saver. Prior to using them, we've always had to keep changing the sheets on the bed (crib or on our bed, since we started co-sleeping) because our little one keeps on soiling them. Pee, poo, wet burp, drool, ... name it, and he's done it. The pads were a better option compared to the sheets because we have to take everything out of the bed (pillows, blankets, etc) and put it back to change the sheets but replacing the pad just takes 2 seconds.

I'm writing about this now because my son has been throwing up a lot again the past few nights - he is congested (yet again) and has a hard time spitting up his phlegm. When he coughs and tries to expel his phlegm, other stuff come out. *sigh* On some nights, his cough gets so bad that we've had to replace the pad 3 times (we have a total of 4).

Hope this congestion goes away na.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hotel Goodies

I used to take a lot of business trips up until a few years ago.
The weird thing was, though I always brought my own set of toiletries whenever I go on a trip, I couldn't bear to *not* bring the hotel toiletries home.

So as I've said earlier, I've amassed quite a bit of these little bottles & bars of soap over the years - a few shopping bags actually. Some hotels actually have good stuff - neutrogena soaps and shampoos, Crabtree & Evelyn stuff, hubby also likes the oatmeal soap from the Radisson - so we've been using some of these on / off and the others which we haven't tried yet, we've just kept.

When I first realized that my stash was growing, I started looking for an outlet, I wanted to give them away and not just dump them in the trash. I started asking around and someone suggested the local homeless shelters or women's crisis centers and I thought that was a great idea.

Imagine my surprise when I checked out a few websites for the local homeless shelters and saw a list of items that they accept as donations. Aba, they specifically indicate that they accept regular sized bottles of toiletries but they do *not* accept hotel toiletries - not the ones in my area anyway.

Eh ? Nobody wants these ?

So this week, I finally ran out of the shampoo that I hoarded back in 2007-2008 so I started dipping into my hotel stash ( That was the ultimate bargain hunter's dream back then because we had B1 get 1 free coupons that we used in conjunction with the grocery store's B1 get 1 free promotion - bottom line was that for every 4 bottles we purchased, we only paid for 1).

So far, so good. No falling hair yet.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So I was able to go out and do my errands yesterday right ?

When I got home, I happily gave this bar of chocolate (Dove) to hubby. Sabi ko, it's my pasalubong for him.

And what's the first thing that he says ?

"Saan to libre ?"


Seriously ah, I was a bit offended and asked him why. Does he think that I only bring him pasalubong if it's free ?

He then explained to me that he figured that if I bought it, there'd be at least 2 chocolate bars. I never buy just 1 pc of anything.

That made sense, so I forgave him.

and then he bugged me some more... "so where did you get this libre ?"

So I fessed up. "Sa CVS, I scanned my card in one of those machines and out came a free-chocolate-bar coupon."


Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day weekend

Hubby did very well this weekend.

He cleaned the dishwasher - inside and outside and all around, even went into all the nooks and crannies. He cleaned our bedrooms and even dismantled the beds so he could vacuum underneath.

Aside from all the cleaning, he also woke up before noon on a holiday (he went to bed late the night before) so I could go out and do my errands. I was able to do my shopping rounds in peace - Babies R Us for Swe-cha's food and snacks, FV & CVS for Swe-cha's medical supplies and shoprite for our groceries. I was expecting to come home to a screaming toddler whom I'd have to drag off to bed for his nap but I was suprised - pleasantly - to come home to a toddler who has already been walked (parang pet, heehee), fed, given his milk and already napping.


Then, this afternoon, Swe-cha asked for cookies and ate 1 whole cookie by himself.

Ang saya.