Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So I was able to go out and do my errands yesterday right ?

When I got home, I happily gave this bar of chocolate (Dove) to hubby. Sabi ko, it's my pasalubong for him.

And what's the first thing that he says ?

"Saan to libre ?"


Seriously ah, I was a bit offended and asked him why. Does he think that I only bring him pasalubong if it's free ?

He then explained to me that he figured that if I bought it, there'd be at least 2 chocolate bars. I never buy just 1 pc of anything.

That made sense, so I forgave him.

and then he bugged me some more... "so where did you get this libre ?"

So I fessed up. "Sa CVS, I scanned my card in one of those machines and out came a free-chocolate-bar coupon."


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