Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mama Fina's

We decided at the last minute to drop by Mama Fina's last night for some takeout (we ate dinner at home). We ordered our usual - lechon kawali, sisig, pork barbeque - and then dropped by at the grocery for a bottle of soda.

Needless to say, dinner was scrumptious - artery-clogging and headache-inducing, yes - but really good. I missed the pinoy food so much that I finished 2 orders of rice all by myself and later that night, I wasn't feeling so well anymore.

To think that 1 order of rice is big enough, I used to not be able to finish it all. Sigh. This was gluttony to the max.

So now, I am making a resolve to eat more sensibly. I won't promise to go on an all-out diet, hindi ko kaya. But I can promise to say no to 2nd servings and then later, when I can, I'll go ahead and have smaller 1st servings.

Small steps.

It's about time that I stop eating like a horse, I'm beginning to lose my weight-loss superpowers since I started pumping less and producing less breastmilk.

am posting Mama Fina's hours here for future reference:
M,W,Th - 11a to 8p
F, Sa - 11a to 9p
Su - 11a to 5p
Tuesdays - closed

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