Monday, September 21, 2009


We spent the weekend clearing up and making room for the baby. Hubby did the all the grunt work and I took on a supervisory role *smile*.

We took boxes out, going through papers that were haphazardly "filed" (my quickie filing method) in plastic bags and shoved into the cabinets. Not-so-important documents were scanned and then shredded.

Huge plastic containers that were labeled "misc" were opened and revealed tons and tons of clothes. After that first round of cleaning that I did the last time which yielded 3 huge bags of shirts, 1 big bag of pants and several pairs of shoes, I didn't think that I had any more but I was wrong. But then again, I hadn't gotten rid of a single piece of clothing or footwear since 2002, there's bound to be a lot.

And oh, we did clear up 2/3 of a chest of plastic drawers and 2/3 of a dresser.

Eventually, when we've set aside bags of trash and clothes I'd like to keep have been put back neatly into containers and we've gotten the piles of clothes to be donated down to this point, I decided to call it quits and asked to watch TV instead.

I'll (meaning hubby and me) tackle this over the next weekend.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Named Sockets

No, this is not a nerdy / techie post.

We were at Shoprite earlier today and saw a stack of airconditioners in one corner.

Hubby looked at the boxes and pointed this out to me. Check out the different types of sockets and the names that hubby gave them :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trekkie again

Has anyone ever noticed the striking similarity between a Star Trek communications badge (or a Star Trek logo):
Star Trek Com Badge Photo taken from Wikipedia.

and the Java Mascot ?
Java Mascot Photo taken from Wikipedia.

Looks like the creator(s) of the Java mascot are Trekkies too.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


You know you've been watching too many reruns of Star Trek Voyager when...

... you injure yourself and start looking for a dermal regenerator.