Saturday, May 28, 2011


I've gained a few pounds since I lost all that weight since giving birth but on a whim, I decided to try out my old swimsuit from 1999 - stretchable naman eh ;)

So I try it on and what great joy! It finally fits again (sort of) after a decade.

Unfortunately, I might have to buy myself a new suit anyway because while the suit fits my body, my milk-laden boobies do tend to spill and burst out.


We've got a climber on our hands.

Yesterday, when I picked Swe-cha up from daycare, J told me that he kept climbing the tables and they've had to pick him up and bring him back down from the tabletops 3x.

At home, I left him in 2 minutes alone in his play area while I popped into the kitchen to set the pot of soup on the stove. I heard him shrieking in glee, glanced at him and saw him walking on the sofa - right at the edge - and he didn't look too stable.

My heart jumped up my throat and I ran to him. It's only a very short sprint from the kitchen to his play area but it seemed so far. I don't remember what happened in the 5 seconds it took me to get to him but I must have banged my knee along the way because now, I'm sporting a huge bump on my knee whose diameter reminds me of a ping-pong ball and it's starting to turn an awful shade of blank, blue, purple and red. My knee also hurts when I walk. But then again, I'm glad that if someone had to get hurt at all, that it was me instead of my son.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Swecha & Daycare

Swe-cha has been going to daycare for a little over 2 months now and with the exception of those first 2 weeks, he is generally happy to go to and stay in daycare the whole day.

This week, however, he's been crying whenever I try to drop him off at daycare. Yesterday, he started clinging to me as I was taking off his jacket and today, he started making for the door as soon as I put him down.

It breaks my heart to see him cry. I hope that this does not mean that he's getting sick again because he usually becomes clingy when he's not feeling well.