Saturday, May 28, 2011


We've got a climber on our hands.

Yesterday, when I picked Swe-cha up from daycare, J told me that he kept climbing the tables and they've had to pick him up and bring him back down from the tabletops 3x.

At home, I left him in 2 minutes alone in his play area while I popped into the kitchen to set the pot of soup on the stove. I heard him shrieking in glee, glanced at him and saw him walking on the sofa - right at the edge - and he didn't look too stable.

My heart jumped up my throat and I ran to him. It's only a very short sprint from the kitchen to his play area but it seemed so far. I don't remember what happened in the 5 seconds it took me to get to him but I must have banged my knee along the way because now, I'm sporting a huge bump on my knee whose diameter reminds me of a ping-pong ball and it's starting to turn an awful shade of blank, blue, purple and red. My knee also hurts when I walk. But then again, I'm glad that if someone had to get hurt at all, that it was me instead of my son.

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