Sunday, April 28, 2013

Absentee Voting

Well, look whose ballot came in the mail ?

Looks like we're going to get to perform our civic duty this year :)


A friend's infant daughter passed away last Friday. We had just heard about the baby being hospitalized one day and then she was gone within 2 days. The entire thing seems to have gone by in a flash but I'm sure it must have seemed excruciatingly long for the parents.

The whole thing is just tragic.

I want to say that I'm feeling sad about the whole thing but, really, 'sad' is such an underestimation of how I feel. I am depressed.

This also made me feel so paranoid about my own child. Yesterday morning, Swe-cha spiked a fever and I immediately brought him to the pediatrician to be checked out despite their SOP being to observe for 24 hours first. As it turns out, there wasn't anything to see yet - no other symptoms other than the fever - so we were sent home with instructions to observe him and bring him back if he gets worse or gets other symptoms. I normally would've felt a little bad about the wasted co-pay, but hey, I'm not complaining anymore. It was worth our peace-of-mind since Swe-cha's fever spiked up even more in the afternoon.

Anyway, am just praying for the the baby's spirit and for the comfort and well-being of my friend's family. If you happen to read this, please send a little prayer their way too. Thanks!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rinse Cup Method

Our building's hot water heater broke down this evening.

Unfortunately, even though it is already spring, our days are still cold and chilly. The water that comes out of the faucet is ice-cold. We decided to take baths the old-fashioned way.

We partially filled some pails with water and started boiling water in the kettle. When the water was boiling, we poured it into one pail and that was when we realized that the faucet-water was so cold that we needed more hot water to get it warm enough to take a bath. The ratio we needed was around 60-50, 60 being the boiling water.

We brought out the big pots and started heating water... by 10p, we were able to give Swe-cha a bath. He was tired by then and fell asleep almost immediately after he got out of the bath. We took turns taking a bath, tabo-style or rather,  rinse-cup style, since we're in the US ;)

The bldg superintendent assured me that he'd get this up and running by 8 tomorrow morning. I sorta doubt that but I just hope that we have hot water when we get home in the evening.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The best laid plans...

... of mice and men
often go awry.

So after hemming and hawing for weeks, we decided to send our N-400s last March 13 in a single mail envelope (we placed each application in a separate manila folder inside the USPS Express Mail envelope). Our goal was to try and get biometrics & interview schedules for the same day.

Finally received our fingerprint notices today and we did get our wish. Hubby and I are scheduled to go on the same day.

Unfortunately, our schedule is set for 8am. Now, THAT, I did not plan for. I never read this (and by this, I mean childcare) in any of the forums I read before deciding to try for identical schedules.

The good news is that Swe-cha's school is on Spring Recess that week so he'll be attending daycare and daycare opens 7am. He need not be absent from school that day. The not-so-good-news is that in order to make it to the biometrics center by 8a, we'd have to drop Swe-cha off at daycare by 7a - we'd have to be up & prepping him up by 6a.

Poor baby.

So there you go. For those of you thinking that it's such a great idea to have the same interview & fingerprinting schedule ? It only is if you don't have to worry about school or child care.

N-400 timeline
Mailed via USPS Expressmail - 3/12/2013
Priority Date - 3/15/2013
NOA received - 3/19/2013
Biometrics notice received - 4/1/2013
Biometrics scheduled for 4/16/2013