Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rinse Cup Method

Our building's hot water heater broke down this evening.

Unfortunately, even though it is already spring, our days are still cold and chilly. The water that comes out of the faucet is ice-cold. We decided to take baths the old-fashioned way.

We partially filled some pails with water and started boiling water in the kettle. When the water was boiling, we poured it into one pail and that was when we realized that the faucet-water was so cold that we needed more hot water to get it warm enough to take a bath. The ratio we needed was around 60-50, 60 being the boiling water.

We brought out the big pots and started heating water... by 10p, we were able to give Swe-cha a bath. He was tired by then and fell asleep almost immediately after he got out of the bath. We took turns taking a bath, tabo-style or rather,  rinse-cup style, since we're in the US ;)

The bldg superintendent assured me that he'd get this up and running by 8 tomorrow morning. I sorta doubt that but I just hope that we have hot water when we get home in the evening.

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