Sunday, April 28, 2013


A friend's infant daughter passed away last Friday. We had just heard about the baby being hospitalized one day and then she was gone within 2 days. The entire thing seems to have gone by in a flash but I'm sure it must have seemed excruciatingly long for the parents.

The whole thing is just tragic.

I want to say that I'm feeling sad about the whole thing but, really, 'sad' is such an underestimation of how I feel. I am depressed.

This also made me feel so paranoid about my own child. Yesterday morning, Swe-cha spiked a fever and I immediately brought him to the pediatrician to be checked out despite their SOP being to observe for 24 hours first. As it turns out, there wasn't anything to see yet - no other symptoms other than the fever - so we were sent home with instructions to observe him and bring him back if he gets worse or gets other symptoms. I normally would've felt a little bad about the wasted co-pay, but hey, I'm not complaining anymore. It was worth our peace-of-mind since Swe-cha's fever spiked up even more in the afternoon.

Anyway, am just praying for the the baby's spirit and for the comfort and well-being of my friend's family. If you happen to read this, please send a little prayer their way too. Thanks!

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