Monday, September 16, 2019

Friday the 13th Miracles

Last week, we lost 3 things.

It started with Swe-cha's hoodie. The weather has been chilly in the mornings lately so we've been sending Swe-cha with a hoodie in the morning. Early last week, he didn't come home with his hoodie one day and we've been trying to find it ever since. I checked the gym, the after-school care, and even his teacher, no one has seen it.

Then, on 9/12, Swe-cha's tooth fell out (he actually pulled it out). The tooth was placed in a baggie by the teacher, it had a card attached with his name and the date that the tooth fell out. After school, he must have played with the tooth so it was no longer in the bag by the time he got home. I was upset.

That same day, the teacher had sent home a note mentioning his tooth and that it was funny how swe-cha tried to ask her for money (tooth fairy) and I replied and said that we gave Swe-cha a penny which made him happy but unfortunately, the tooth was nowhere to be found.

And on Friday, 9/13, I topped things off by losing my wedding ring. I had already picked up Swe-cha from aftercare and we were driving home when I noticed my bare finger and started panicking. I told my family and was inundated with the usual questions...
- where is it ?
- is it loose ? tight ? really lose ?
- did you take it off when you washed your hands ?
- did you leave it ... ?

Hindi ko alam.

My mommy, nakakatuwa,...then asked for a photo of the husband's matching ring. She offered to replace my ring, I declined. The husband and I have 2 sets of wedding bands anyway so it's not like I don't have a replacement.

Later that night, Mom sent a mysterious message to our viber group - "It's okay. Just pray. You'll get the ring back, no need to get a replacement". Mom has feelings like these...

On Saturday morning, things started turning around....

I opened Swe-cha's backpack and found another note from the teacher. Surprise, surprise! The custodian was cleaning the gym and found his tooth. Can you imagine that ? Technically, Swe-cha lost his tooth TWICE :) and it still found its way back to us.

Then on Saturday afternoon, as we were all set to go to mass, B & R - Swe-cha's therapists - dropped by because they'd made a mistake on their timesheets and needed to make a correction. They made us late for mass so we didn't go anymore and just went to Sunday mass instead. On Sunday mass, my ears perked up during homily when the priest talked about how he lost his favorite ring. He didn't stop praying for it and a few weeks later, he moved to a different seminary and after he moved his things to his room, he goes to the bathroom and to his surprise, finds his ring under the sink (no, he didn't put it there).

While the priest was giving his homily, I couldn't stop myself and kept whispering to the husband - "eto na! eto na! there's hope for MY ring!"  even though in my heart, I still had doubt.

Nevertheless, I prayed.

And this morning, what do I see when I get in the office ?

My wedding ring on my desk!!! It was placed in the center of my mousepad which had been moved to the middle of my desk. The placement was deliberate, making sure that it was the first thing I saw.

Happy, I called the husband to let him know and he tells me that Swe-cha's hoodie has been in the bus all along!

and just like that,.... everything that we've lost has been found. God works in mysterious ways.