Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How do you get over someone who doesn't love you back ?

A featured question on Xanga caught my eye and I just had to post my thoughts.

There's no worse feeling than being madly in love with someone and not have those feelings reciprocated. Trying to get over that love is not an easy task but could be done by:

1) Love yourself - hey, if you love yourself, you'll see that there's really no sense in pining for someone who won't or can't love you back. You'll learn to value yourself and know that you deserve more.

2) Get a hobby - find something else to do. Exercise & work out, join a club, go biking, start knitting, learn to bake or cook. Do something that would occupy your brain and body, don't spend your days mooning over someone's picture and daydreaming about what could've been.

and eventually... when things start falling into place and you're ready to move on w/o any baggages...

3) Love someone else - find someone who will love you back and give you what you deserve.

How about you ? Any advice for the lovelorn out there ?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

How did you get engaged ?

Back when the hubby & I were still dating, I remember dropping subtle hints to the bf by telling him engagement stories that I've read or heard about. I would tell him stories of proposals where there were flower petals strewn across the room, or proposals where the ring was hidden in a bunch of flowers.

I wanted it to be special.

and memorable.

and I wanted a story worth telling.

and I wanted to hear ooohs and aaaahs when I tell the story of my engagement to my girlfriends.

Most of all, I wanted balloons.

Anyway, things didn't turn out that way. I don't really remember the details but I think it was really done during an overseas call where he said "I think we should get married" and I said "okay, it's about time" - or something like that. Our exchange back then may not be exactly the same as what I typed here now but the gist is the same.

I didn't get a ring until much later, when I finally got back home to jump start our wedding preparations.

Now, reading this article "Honey, will you marry me ? ...Oh.. Never Mind" where a man hid the ring inside a balloon and then have the balloon blown away ? uh... Never mind.

Poor guy.

Poor gal.

Lucky person who finds the balloon :) After all, it's a $12k ring!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wall climbing again!

Hubby and I went back to NJ rock gym after 11 months.

Thankfully, while we did suffer some set backs in our akyat-bahay wall-climbing skills (we were actually getting quite good when we stopped going last year), it wasn't quite so bad as I had initially thought.

I was able to climb 4 routes, two with 5.5 ratings (super easy) and 2 with 5.6 ratings, not bad for the first time - especially considering that we're both out of shape and terribly overweight.

Now, my arms, fingers, legs, and all sorts of muscles that I've forgotten about are hurting.

I don't really know why we do this to torture ourselves... I really don't :-)

photograph taken from the NJ rock gym site.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Longest Line

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I was tagged by Sherryll to help make the longest line.

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I'm tagging Thet and Mec, and if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's that in the car ?

Hubby and I went to Home Depot to get a quote to replace our kitchen countertops (no, we're not going through with it). As we were leaving, we saw this in the SUV which was parked across us.

Yes, that is a pigeon perched on the headrest of the driver's seat.

Hubby and I actually sat in the car for 5 more minutes, snapping pictures and trying to figure out whether this pigeon inside the SUV was intentional or not.

Did the driver know ? Was the bird in a cage and got out ? Did the bird fly in while the guy was loading stuff inside ? Will the bird poop inside the vehicle ? on the seat ? On the driver ?

We debated whether to wait for the driver to come out but left after 5 minutes. We had to groceries to buy, after all. :-)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Five cases when it's okay to use the F word

I got this from a forwarded email entitled "Five Cases When it's Okay to Use the F Word". Check it out :)

After seeing all these pics, I do agree! haha!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Poor hubby, raw

Hubby was washing the dishes when MIL called last night - I was already upstairs, in my home office, in the middle of a meeting with our Manila office. MIL asked what hubby was doing and when she learned that hubby was washing the dishes, na hurt yata siya.

Hubby tells me that MIL commented that she hoped that hubby was not doing all the housework. It was okay when he did that before when he moved here and did not have a job yet but now that he's working too, sana hindi na raw siya lahat. Kawawa naman raw si hubby because he used to do the dishes at home when they don't have helpers and even up to here, he's still doing the dishes. Hubby assured her that we do share the housework, I do the cooking and the laundry, he does the dishes and we share the general cleaning of the house. Hubby tells me that this was good enough for MIL and that this was what she wanted to hear all along.

Hubby sounded amused when he told me this. Well, if not amused, neutral lang. As for me, I have to say that I was a little bit offended when I first heard this and it looks like I am still affected somehow because I wouldn't be writing about this otherwise, would I ?

MIL and I have always gotten along and really, I thought she knew me better than that. Accusing me of taking advantage of my husband ? Was she implying that hubby was henpecked ?

Yes, I do work from home but truth be told, I work longer hours than hubby because my work hours stretches to cover 2 different time zones. His work might be more physical than mine at times but his cannot be more stressful than mine is to me. I suspect that since I am working from home now, she thinks that I'm on vacation or have a lighter load and thus, should not be burdening hubby with more chores.

Looks like MIL's protective instincts are acting up towards her youngest (and favorite, I think) child. Hay!

Clear up ko lang yung issue ah.

(1) Hubby does not do the dishes because he enjoys them. He does not do the dishes because I make him. He does them because he does not want me to wash them. He gets annoyed when I wash the dishes. Hindi ko siya inaapi or ina-atsay. Hmpft.

We are not averse to using the dishwasher when there're a lot of things to be washed, anyway.

(2) Wait, I already do the cooking. I have to do the washing up too ???

I'm probably making a lot more of this than I should or maybe nakiki-uso lang ako kasi marami yatang may issues with their in-laws so it's about time that I have one too. Maski tiny one lang.

Basta, medyo inis pa rin ako.

V-day flowers

I decided to dry and preserve the dozen red roses that hubby gave me for V-day. I still had the flower drying silica that I used to dry the flowers that he sent me last year so I used those ( we did have to buy more because what I had weren't enough for a dozen flowers).

Cut up the stems to a length that I liked, buried the flowers in the silica gel (feels like sand) and 10 days later, we have perfectly dried flowers.

It's a shame though that the flowers darkened when they're dried, the color of the fresh roses were way way better than this.

Note to self: get larger container next time. The container that I used was deep enough for 2 layers of flowers. Turns out that this wasn't such a good idea because the flowers on the bottom layer looked like they were "squeezed".

I love this flower drying kit, it was a bit expensive to buy up front but the silica is reusable. So it does pay for itself after a while... so for all those girls out there who get flowers often, you might want to dry & preserve your flowers too.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lost in NJ

We attended a birthday party at a buffet restaurant in East Hanover, NJ this afternoon. We got there in 30 minutes flat and spent an additional hour looking for the restaurant.

4 phone calls later, we realized that we were in the wrong city. Argh! Somehow, while following the GPS, we wound up in the next town - Morris Plains.

By then, I was starting to get cranky due to hunger. Fortunately - for hubby - I was the one who had keyed in the address or he wouldn't hear the end of it. So when we finally got to the restaurant, we compared notes with other friends who had used their GPSs and had not had problems. Turns out that in our GPS unit, when I keyed in the restaurant's address

240 Hwy 10, 07693

this brought us to Morris Plains. Later, after getting lost and hubby keyed in the address again, it came up as

240 State Route 10, East Hanover 07693

Note that both State Route 10 and Hwy 10 referred to the same road, just different cities. Note also that both of our addresses refer to the same zip code.

Eto pa, while comparing the addresses with our friends' GPSs (they all had the same brand), their addresses came out like this:

240 Hwy 10, East Hanover 07693

Anyway, this just goes to show that we shouldn't really trust everything to the GPS, always check the area out first so you have an idea of where you're supposed to go.