Wednesday, March 13, 2013


After a month-long process of filling up the official forms, followed by an endless cycle of editing & printing out final drafts, we decided that we've done all that we can and finally mailed in our N-400 forms. There was really no sense in putting it off any longer.

This post is to remember filing dates / timeline for future reference:
Mailed via ExpressMail - 3/12/2013


Aside from wanting to make sure that we get the forms right, one of the factors that made me feel better about holding off on mailing the forms in was the hefty fee. I wasn't really sure if we have the 2 x $680 to spare this month as I am expecting a bigger-than-usual credit card bill this month. Last night, we were able to find the funds when I realized that we have not submitted our dependent care FSA reimbursement this year yet - I quickly did that last night.

I should also take the time to finalize and file our taxes for 2012, the refund will surely give us some breathing room.


and for my gratitude post of the day, I'm thankful:

- that we were able to complete our N-400 requirements & send them in

- that we were able to come up w/ the fees

- that we finally have nice weather, no rain & temperatures in the high 40s-50s (oo, nice yan).

- that when I dropped by our fave Japanese restaurant for our regular rice soup supply (lugaw) for Swe-cha, they told me that they are almost out and don't have enough for our usual order... so they just gave me everything they had for free and it came to around 3/4 of a large container.

- that I was able to get a FREE Starbucks fix today using a free Tall Macchiatto coupon

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