Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gratitude Journal

I've been wanting to start a gratitude journal for a long time but never really got around to starting one.

Tonight, I found some time for myself and decided that I can spend a few minutes writing down things I'm thankful for...

- That we're in a good place in our lives now - we're both employed and Swe-cha goes to a good school

- That Achi is safe despite having an accident with a truck yesterday morning.

- That Swe-cha is responding to us when we talk to him now so I'm able to teach him stuff.

- That Swe-cha is starting to eat rice (slathered in sauce) now.

- That I was able to do my errands this morning - dropped off some gifts at a friend's house, mailed a gift for my inaanak, pickup a package from the post office, get groceries from 2 different stores - all because my appointment at the dentist was unexpectedly quick and even though I got there late for my 10a appointment, I got there and signed in half-a-minute ahead of a big group of patients.

- That this same time last year, I cannot imagine myself having the time to watch tv. Now, I'm listening to TV while I'm blogging.

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