Saturday, March 9, 2013

Avocado Shake

Saw some avocados in our local market and had a craving. I only wanted to eat 1 ( I like to eat fresh, ripe avocados as-is ) but decided to buy a few more to make avocado shake for hubby.

While choosing, I discovered that avocados are kinda expensive, $0.99 for 1 small piece! Not knowing how much is needed to make a glass of avocado shake and thinking that this is expensive, I only bought 3 pcs and a small can of evaporated milk (probably around 4 oz).

Tonight, I ate half an avocado and used 1.5 for make a shake. Had to add more water than usual but I've kinda gotten the hang of it. Masarap. Hubby liked it and Swe-cha seemed to like it too. I think I might buy some vanilla ice cream tomorrow and use it with the milk. This way, the shake will be cold. Swe-cha might drink more too if I make it less thick than tonight's.

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