Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hotel Goodies

I used to take a lot of business trips up until a few years ago.
The weird thing was, though I always brought my own set of toiletries whenever I go on a trip, I couldn't bear to *not* bring the hotel toiletries home.

So as I've said earlier, I've amassed quite a bit of these little bottles & bars of soap over the years - a few shopping bags actually. Some hotels actually have good stuff - neutrogena soaps and shampoos, Crabtree & Evelyn stuff, hubby also likes the oatmeal soap from the Radisson - so we've been using some of these on / off and the others which we haven't tried yet, we've just kept.

When I first realized that my stash was growing, I started looking for an outlet, I wanted to give them away and not just dump them in the trash. I started asking around and someone suggested the local homeless shelters or women's crisis centers and I thought that was a great idea.

Imagine my surprise when I checked out a few websites for the local homeless shelters and saw a list of items that they accept as donations. Aba, they specifically indicate that they accept regular sized bottles of toiletries but they do *not* accept hotel toiletries - not the ones in my area anyway.

Eh ? Nobody wants these ?

So this week, I finally ran out of the shampoo that I hoarded back in 2007-2008 so I started dipping into my hotel stash ( That was the ultimate bargain hunter's dream back then because we had B1 get 1 free coupons that we used in conjunction with the grocery store's B1 get 1 free promotion - bottom line was that for every 4 bottles we purchased, we only paid for 1).

So far, so good. No falling hair yet.

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