Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day weekend

Hubby did very well this weekend.

He cleaned the dishwasher - inside and outside and all around, even went into all the nooks and crannies. He cleaned our bedrooms and even dismantled the beds so he could vacuum underneath.

Aside from all the cleaning, he also woke up before noon on a holiday (he went to bed late the night before) so I could go out and do my errands. I was able to do my shopping rounds in peace - Babies R Us for Swe-cha's food and snacks, FV & CVS for Swe-cha's medical supplies and shoprite for our groceries. I was expecting to come home to a screaming toddler whom I'd have to drag off to bed for his nap but I was suprised - pleasantly - to come home to a toddler who has already been walked (parang pet, heehee), fed, given his milk and already napping.


Then, this afternoon, Swe-cha asked for cookies and ate 1 whole cookie by himself.

Ang saya.

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