Sunday, November 4, 2012


So our neighbor sees hubby pulling this loaded trolley up to our house and comments, "wow, how do you fit all that in a tiny apartment ?" Hubby says, "Easy, you take out everything in the closet and you put these in." and they both laugh.

I think that our neighbor was just too polite to ask her real question - "you can use all that ?"

The thing is,... she didn't see what we brought in 2 weeks ago, these bottles of water & packs of toilet paper  are from a separate shopping trip. If she had seen these, her eyes would pop out.

So why do we do this ?

Simple. Our warehouse club membership is expiring and since these are the only things that we buy there - bottled water (for when we go out on trips), toilet paper and roasted seaweed, I didn't think that $55 a year was worth the savings that we get from these supplies. So, the plan is to buy a lot and just renew our membership when we run out. These will surely last us months.

Yep, I'm cheap that way.

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