Monday, January 31, 2011


There was this sickly sour smell in our kitchen area for several days. We've been looking for the source of the smell but it sort of comes and goes (probably masked sometimes from the aroma of our other food when we cook).

this weekend, hubby and I decided to pull the stove away from the wall and check behind it. Maybe, a piece of meat fell in between the cracks and have started rotting, we thought.

When we pulled the stove out, there was this little dead bubwit (baby mouse). In between gagging, shivering with revulsion and some screaming (me), we were able to get the carcass into the trash.

That's one of the setbacks to condo-living... someone decides to put out rat poison, the little buggers get it and decide to come into my house. Being the glass-half-full type of person that I am, I see the following good in the situation:

- that we were able to get to the carcass and get rid of it (some mice die within the walls and there's no way to get them out short of cutting your walls open)

- that the mouse is dead... if I were to have mice in my house, i'd rather have dead ones than live ones.

- that my husband is here with me, husbands are very useful in getting rid of insects and mice ;)

In the meantime, our kitchen is nice and clean smelling again. Thankfully, I won't have to resort to ppc search marketing just to be able to afford a smell-exterminator or worse, mice-exterminator. Believe me, this is such a relief!

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