Friday, January 14, 2011

Denial queen

My mom *is* the denial queen.

We have not been able to talk to each other this week because when she calls, I'm always either sleeping, napping (Swe-cha's sleeping schedule is still off) or holding Swe-cha while he naps (it helps him breathe when he is inclined). I usually try to call Mom back within 10 minutes of missing her call but each time, she is already on another call with someone else by then and she never answers her call waiting.

For kicks, I would login to our VOIP account online and check out who she is talking to and more often than not, she would be on the phone with our aunt (her sister).

Nothing wrong with that.

The thing is, when I finally made the extra effort to get up at this time today to talk to her and explained how we have not been able to talk, she now denies that she was ever on the phone with someone else at all!

Me: ... but when I call you back, you're already on the phone w/ someone else and you don't answer your call waiting.

Mom: no, never. I never talk to anyone else. I'm always waiting for your call after I try to call you and you don't answer.

EH ? The phone logs do not lie. What boggles my mind is why deny it at all ? I don't expect her to sit around the whole day and wait for me to call (or not call), I don't expect her to never use the phone to talk to someone else.

Sneaky ah. The denial is making me suspicious pa tuloy. Why kaya ?

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