Monday, January 10, 2011


Our son is still sick and he has not been sleeping well.

Tonight, he seems even more restless than usual and would whimper every now and then. A few minutes ago, as I left him to hubby's care so I could express milk for him, I left careful instructions for hubby and demonstrated how I would massage Swe-cha's hands and feet when he whimpers and told him that this would calm him down and get him back to sleep.

Hubby, skeptical, sort of sneered and said "babies and adults are different" after I explained to him that I started massaging Swe-cha after I remembered how my extremities felt numb when I had the flu last weekend and how I would've welcomed a massage.


So I told him to look for his own baby-specific soothing technique and better yet, go ask the baby what's bothering him and see if he gets an answer. I'm sure there is no need to remind him that babies and adults are different (especially in the sense that he's sure not to get any answer from Swe-cha).


Anyway, I'm hoping to be able to get some serious sleep tonight as I already got myself some Nyquil. I haven't slept well at all since last weekend and it's taking a toll on my attitude (I'm so sungit already!).

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