Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sick baby updates

Looks like the meds are working. Swe-cha is way more active nowadays and he smiles so much more than he did the previous days. In fact, he's so kulit and loves playing with his Dad (he just wants Mommy to carry him and loves to kiss Mommy but he seems to enjoy playing w/ Daddy more).

He's also able to keep food in his stomach now, not vomiting anymore. Asking his doctor to change his antibiotics was the right move (thanks for the advice, Achi!). This new med is also easier to administer as only requires 1 dose a day and lesser dose than the previous one.

As for his eyes, I can't wait till Wednesday (the last day of his eyedrops) as it has been such a struggle putting meds in his eyes 3x a day.

I also find ourselves running out of fresh (breast) milk the past few days, ang lakas kumain ng milk! I'm not complaining though :) This just means I have to prepare more for him in an extra bottle because the 9 or 10oz I put in his current bottle isn't enough to last him 6 hrs.


Aris said...

Very happy to hear that he's doing better! And very inggit to hear about 9-10oz bottles! :-)

popcorn said...

yung bottle namin this morning was 12.5 oz, natira was 1 oz na lang (it was the milk bottle plus extra milk on the side that I refilled).

Looks like bumabawi siya for the almost 1.5 (or 2 ?) months that he did not eat and/or threw up (due to medicine).