Monday, January 31, 2011

Patio door insulation

It works!

A few blogs ago, I complained about the draft of cold air that keeps hitting me whenever I'm at my milk pumping station. My friend, A, suggested a sheet of patio door insulation (you could get these kits at the home depot, I got mine online so it's cheaper).

Last weekend, hubby finally upped and got to installing it - without any nagging from me, yay! He probably took pity on my poor shivering form.

It took him several tries to get the plastic sheeting installed, mostly because he couldn't get it stretched taut across the doorway enough because apparently, the draft was strong enough to keep the plastic sheet bulging inwards (see picture)! We didn't realize that it was that bad.

Anyway, we just did our best and the doorway now looks like this. We didn't cut off the excess sheeting as we didn't want to chance cutting off too much so there is excess plastic bunched up on the floor but I don't mind. I love being warm more than having no plastic. Besides, the curtains cover it anyway.

I'm so happy that I could just use this new easy web design software that I found to make a new website just for these insulation kits! Nah, just kidding :)

I'm off to order another kit for our patio door in the bedroom. Next year, I'm buying these early and I'm getting them for our windows too.

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Rolf said...

One of the advantages of installing door insulation, aside from heat, is the cost of energy that it saves. Especially in the winter months. It would keep you from freezing overnight.