Thursday, January 13, 2011


Beef shank soup is simmering (beef nilaga) on the stove, the fuzzy squash is cooked and rice is being kept warm in the rice cooker. I suddenly find myself with a few precious moments to myself - these minutes are so rare nowadays, especially with Swe-cha and I being under the weather and all - and I find myself rummaging through my PDF library to look for ebooks that I could imagine myself reading.

I use the term "imagine" because I am still so deprived of much-needed sleep that I would much rather sleep than read. I am just thankful for small blessings such as these few minutes that I find myself alone (Swe-cha is sleeping and dinner is ready to be served) and able to check my email, check out job prospects and post an update or two.

I am also taking the time to check out daycare facilities in my area and hoping to find online reviews so i can at least weed through the list before I start calling and making on-site visits. Ideally, I would love it if Swe-cha can go to daycare a few times a week (or even once a week) so that he can get used to being taken cared of by someone other than me but him getting sick this bad so early in the year is making me have second thoughts. I'm tempted to just keep him home in the meantime and transition him to daycare when I start working (friends tell me that kids adapt quickly and that seeing other kids in daycare will help him with the transition, I hope that this is true).

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