Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So the big snowstorm that we've been waiting for has arrived. It's sort of a letdown because while we did get a lot of snow (close to a foot, I think), the roads have all been cleared so quickly that there was really no excuse to declare a snow day and stay home from work (in hubby's case).

Swe-cha is still down with his cough, cold and conjunctivitis. Yes, he has what seems to be the pink eye now. Sigh. It never ends. I did make an appointment for him to see the pedia again tomorrow morning and I hope that we get prescribed some antibiotics so he can get on the road to recovery quickly. He's lost around 1.5 lbs again and I'm not happy about that.

In the meantime, gazing outside at the pristine white snow makes me long to go out, I love walking on and making footsteps on virgin snow. However, with this cough that I'm still nursing and with a sick baby in tow, there's no way we can comfortably go out and get a breath of (cold) air not unless there's a Garden Patio Heater to warm us up a little bit when we go outside. I'm sure I will wish for that heater again tomorrow morning when we venture out to the doctor's.


Mylene said...

Hope you guys get better soon.

popcorn said...

Thanks, Mai! I hope so too, ang hirap nang may sakit.

Ambagal ng recovery namin, siguro kasi hirap pa because off pa rin yung sleeping schedule ng baby.