Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Condo meeting

I'm attending the condo board's meeting tonight and I'm bringing Swe-cha with me. I'm hoping that it won't take long, or at the very least, that we'll be able to tackle the issue I'm involved with at the start so I can bring him home in time for dinner.

My downstairs neighbor has had this water leak for months and the bldg super is blaming it on my window. The condo board is now putting pressure on me to replace my window in order to fix the leak. As for me, I'm hesitant about replacing the window because I think that:

(1)it's overkill to replace the entire window w/o trying out other remedies first (i.e. replacing seals, gaskets and weather strips), these windows cost several hundreds of dollars at the very least

(2) no proof that my window is causing the leak downstairs.

I was able to get my home insurance adjuster to come over and check it out, he was no help either. He took a look at my window and pronounced it good and that there was no way that my window is causing the leak. I called the super over, super starts talking about how sure he was that the window was the cause and that there were other cases in other units where replacing the window fixed the leak and the insurance adjuster quickly got convinced! Hmp. I should just get rid of them and get temporary coverage from another company instead.

- superintendent did cut open my wall and found the inside wet, I think this is due to that crack on the outer wall just outside my window that the superintendent sealed last November. Superintendent now denies that there was ever a crack that he repaired (I took pictures so i can jog his memory).

- I talked to the owner of the unit downstairs and asked if they still have the water leak, he says yes. My wall (the one w/ the hole) has been dry ever since so how can the leak be coming in from my window if my wall is dry ? Surely, it's impossible for water to drip down from my window, skip my part of the wall and go straight downstairs.

- Need to talk to the super to fix the hole that he made in my wall - I'm okay to wait till spring to confirm that my wall remains dry and that the leak isn't coming in from my window.

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