Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend in Review

We got a lot accomplished this weekend. To recap:

here's an update:
- Christmas gifts for MOCPLG kiddies
- Christmas gifts for nephews and niece
- order and install new tires for car
- replace weatherstrip on windows
- seal windows w/ silicone
- *new* Buy life insurance for hubby, update life insurance information (mine)
- replace axle assembly on car
- bring car for inspection (DMV)
- renew AAA membership
- buy caulking / silicone gun
- buy and install baby gate on stairs

And for Swe-cha's birthday:
- birthday outfit
- book photographer and videographer
- order cake and cupcakes (?)
- finalize decorations, souvenirs, prizes and loot bags
- go over program details w/ host
- finalize headcount and confirm ribbon / tablecloth scheme w/ caterer

We were able to cross out a couple more items from our list over the weekend and well, we did add a few more as we remembered tasks that we need to accomplish but that is to be expected.

Had a really really bad experience at Babies R Us this afternoon. Went to buy the baby gate for our stairs and the cashier - who happens to be Asian (she looks Chinese but I am not sure - was VERY VERY RUDE to me. She was so nice to the couple in front of me and as I was able to observe when I went back and waited for the manager so I could file a complaint about her, she was nice to others as well. Anyway, she forgot to give me a coupon book and I asked for it when she finished ringing my purchase, "hi, can I have some coupons ?" She got one from the top of her stack, threw it at me and said "next customer!". I was taken aback and I couldn't believe that she just did that to me. I didn't say anything and just left.

While that was happening, hubby was with the baby by the benches near the door. I didn't realize that he had witnessed the whole thing until we were on our way to the car and he said "what was that about with the cashier ? ang bastos, no ?" That's when it sank in.

I decided to go back and talk to a supervisor. The supervisor promised to talk to her, I told the supervisor that this girl has no business being in that line of work with that kind of attitude. I don't care if she was in a hurry or having a bad day, there's no excuse for that kind of attitude.

I'm not done yet. I will fill up this online survey connected with my transaction, hopefully, management gets a hold of her.

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