Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Our Christmas shopping is almost done.

I say almost because we have 1 MOCPLG gift left to order and when that's done, we only have to find gifts for my nephews and hubby's niece and we should be all done for Christmas. I wish we had the budget to get our friends and cousins gifts for Christmas too but I've been jobless for months and while I do enjoy the time I get to spend taking care of my son, we are really feeling the loss of income. I really have got to start working soon (pls pray for me).

The last time we got a bunch of gifts, we were able to score a good China wholesale deal from an online shop. I haven't been able to find a good one this year and with the sudden increase in the MOCPLG kids this year (5 new kids this year alone!) and again, the drastic change in our income, I don't think we'll be able to give out stocking stuffers to the families. Sad, no ?

The past few years, shopping was so enjoyable because I wasn't *this* budget conscious. This year, it's still enjoyable especially when I think about how the kids will look wearing the clothes we got them or how they will enjoy the books and the toys but I am not looking forward to next month's credit card bills.

Oh well! It's not like we do this all year round. Christmas and Swe-cha's birthday only comes once a year after all.

We'll tighten our belts after the holidays.

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