Friday, November 12, 2010

Life at 10

My son is 10 months now and while taking care of him has become easier in some aspects, it has become much harder in other ways.

For starters, he's sleeping much better now during the day, taking naps on almost-predictable times. You could say that he has a regular schedule. Night times are still iffy because he still wakes up crying occasionally when he's feeling gassy and while he sleeps through* the night already on most days, he still wakes up at 5:30a to snack.

During the day, he usually demands a lot more of my time. When I leave him alone in his play yard, he climbs his yard fence (check out previous post) and he would shake and rattle it with his whole body much like a monkey in a cage. It would be so amusing, if it weren't so scary for me to watch. Anyway, I don't go far from his play yard because of that.

This afternoon, I found some time to organize and arrange his jars of food in the cabinet (they've been accumulating on the kitchen counter as we don't have time to make space and rearrange the cabinet) while he happily played by himself in his play yard. I was also able to set aside a bit of time to check out webhosting reviews for when we get our (my partner and I) online shop launched and officially move to a better hosting site. And, hey, I also got a few minutes set aside to post an entry here, didn't I ?

After I hit "publish" for this post, I will be moving on to dismantling those shipping boxes (all those things I ordered online since September) and getting them off to the recycle bin. Then I need to get to that stack of paperwork accumulating on our dining table. I need to scan then shred. Sigh.

My ultimate wish for Christmas is to have a not-so-cluttered home.

*sleeping through - defined by 5 hrs of straight sleep

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