Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boxing time

The Pacquiao vs Margarito boxing match is on tonight! Can't wait.

Our friend E has invited us over to watch the PPV coverage but we haven't confirmed our attendance yet. Still have to do what we can to complete that checklist.

here's an update:

- Christmas gifts for MOCPLG kiddies
- Christmas gifts for nephews and niece
- order and install new tires for car
- replace weatherstrip on windows
- seal windows w/ silicone
- Buy Life Insurance
- replace axle assembly on car
- bring car for inspection (DMV)
- renew AAA membership
- *new* buy caulking / silicone gun
- *new* buy and install baby gate on stairs

And for Swe-cha's birthday:
- birthday outfit
- book photographer and videographer
- order cake and cupcakes (?)
- finalize decorations, souvenirs, prizes and loot bags
- go over program details w/ host
- finalize headcount and confirm ribbon / tablecloth scheme w/ caterer

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