Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hubby and I cannot decide if we're bringing our stroller with us when we go to my sister's place. We have this umbrella-type stroller but it still weighs in at 19 lbs and the basket underneath the seat is too small to be really useful when travelling with a lot of carry-ons.

On one hand, it may come in useful because it reclines completely and it is quite comfortable to sleep in and on the other hand, the baby isn't really the type to be content and just sit quietly in his stroller. He likes to be carried and prefers the view from up there.

So it brings the question to mind, what are the best baby strollers for travelling ? Or specifically, what are the best baby strollers for our trip? We're thinking of just leaving ours at home (and jut bring our front-to-back baby carrier) since the stroller is a hefty 19 lbs w/o the accessories and just buy one of those cheap umbrella type strollers that you could get at a baby store for $10 to $15. Yes, the (sort of) throw-away type. But then my concern is, my baby is barely 1 years old, are those straps sufficient to hold him and keep him seated ? And... our stroller does come with a lot of accessories w/c might prove to be useful in certain situations - it has a sunshade, raincover, and even a sleeping bag (a covering for cold days).

What say you ?

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meekerz said...

I haven't been quite up to date with reading your blog, but if the trip you're planning to take is to Manila, the best advice I can give you is: leave the stroller at home and BORROW one from a relative or friend here :) Less hassle.

If the trip is somewhere else (I don't know if your sis has kids or not) that isn't that baby friendly, I recommend bringing an unbrella type stroller. We have a bulky one, and we rarely use it. We use an umbrella type more often. On the worst case that baby doesn't like to sit on it, we end up dumping all the things on it (like the baby bag, that's heavy!) to keep our arms as free as possible to carry baby :)

Hope this helps! :)