Sunday, November 21, 2010


We got a few more items accomplished this weekend, double yay for us all!

here's an update:
- Christmas gifts for MOCPLG kiddies, only 1 gift left to order
- Christmas gifts for nephews and niece
- order and install new tires for car
- replace weatherstrip on windows
- seal windows w/ silicone
- *new* Buy Buy Life Insurance or Term Life Insurance for hubby, update life insurance information (mine), hopefully, we can get Life Insurance No Exam needed so it'll be faster and we can get a policy in place asap
- replace axle assembly on car
- bring car for inspection (DMV)
- renew AAA membership
- buy caulking / silicone gun
- buy and install baby gate on stairs
- *new* car seat for California

And for Swe-cha's birthday:
- birthday outfit
- book photographer and videographer *new* booked, but need confirmation
- order cake and cupcakes (?) *new* booked, but need confirmation
- finalize decorations, souvenirs, prizes and loot bags *new* booked, but need confirmation
- go over program details w/ host
- finalize headcount and confirm ribbon / tablecloth scheme w/ caterer

I've also talked to a good friend asked for the favor of driving us to the airport for our trip to California in a few weeks and for him to pick us up when we get back. Thankfully, he does not have any activities planned for those days yet and he agreed to pick us up. I'm relieved that we were able to get a friend to drive our car for us to/from the airport so we can use our own car seat for the baby, he's gotten into the habit of eating / licking / chewing the harness and buckles of the car seat and i don't want to rent one for him that's sure to be full of germs.

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