Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday and Saturday

Swe-cha and I watched Daddy clean and vacuum the master bedroom yesterday. Swe cha had fun watching Daddy and wasn't bothered by the noise of the vacuum cleaner anymore, in fact, he kept straining forward so he could reach it. Afterwards, walking on the carpet (still warm from the vacuuming) on my bare feet reminded me of how great it feels.

Daddy also had a lot of fun during Black Friday because he spent a lot of time alternating between cleaning and checking out deals online with his computer. He kept pointing out this 26 inch TV (LCD) that's perfect for Swe-cha's bedroom. I told him to hold off on that as our wallets are still on recession-mode.

We did purchase a few items - diapers, wipes, milk storage bags, .. okay, so these aren't exactly black friday deals nor are they exciting purchases... so we got a wireless mouse that Daddy has been eyeing for months and am about to check out this really cool smart battery charger to replace ours that recently got broken. For a few minutes, we were also tempted to get a portable dvd player for the car - it's not like we're planning any long drives soon anyway. But as with all the other non-essentials, we're going to pass on this for now. But looks like the store is out of the dvd player anyway so I don't feel too bad about not getting that.

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