Monday, November 15, 2010


Checked the status of my order for tires at Costco and it looks like they've arrived at our local warehouse. All that's left is to set aside some time to get them installed and we should be all set for our inspection at the DMV. We still have not figured out who's bringing the car for tire replacement and inspection.

Stroller-wise, it's still a tie w/ 1 vote pro stroller (Ninang A) and another vote (Meekerz) against bringing it. Mag-ask around pa ako.

Was also about to put in orders to purchase gifts for 2 more kids. 8 kids down, 6 more to go. With 3 more weeks to go before our Christmas party, I'm feeling pretty confident. Yun nga lang, the remaining kids are big kids na and it's so hard to shop for them w/o knowing what they like.

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