Friday, November 12, 2010

To Do

Eep. While cleaning up that bookshelf downstairs, I found the software that A lent me for drafting wills (Sorry, A, I'll return this to you ASAP, promise!). It's been months since she lent this to me and I have not gotten a chance to use it yet. If you don't already know, "free time" is very rare in our household.

This also brings to mind that we still need to Buy Life Insurance for my husband and my own policy I purchased years ago also need to be updated to reflect not just my married status (I told you it was outdated) and new surname, I also have to change the beneficiary to include my husband and Swe-cha.

So our to-do list for November currently reads as follows:
- Christmas gifts for MOCPLG kiddies
- Christmas gifts for nephews and niece
- order and install new tires for car
- replace weatherstrip on windows
- seal windows w/ silicone
- Buy Life Insurance
- replace axle assembly on car (scheduled for tomorrow)
- bring car for inspection (DMV)
- renew AAA membership

And for Swe-cha's birthday:
- birthday outfit
- book photographer and videographer
- order cake and cupcakes (?)
- finalize decorations, souvenirs, prizes and loot bags
- go over program details w/ host
- finalize headcount and confirm ribbon / tablecloth scheme w/ caterer

I hope I am not forgetting anything.

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