Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coffee date

Hubby and I (and Swe-cha) had a Starbucks date this afternoon.

Okay,.. it was more of a drive-by-and-order kind of thing but I'd call it a date anyway - I'll take anything I can get right now :)

I saw a post on Fatwallet this afternoon about Starbucks' Share Event of Buy 1 Get 1 any holiday coffee and the promo ends today so I really made kulit hubby that we drop by today. Thankfully, Swe-cha (sort of) cooperated and we were able to go.

It's so hard to get Swe-cha to sit facing the rear now and would fight and buck and arch his back and kick and stretch his legs - basically, anything he can do to make it difficult for you to strap him in. He wants to face the front and see where we are going. I can't wait till he turns 1 and we can legally face him forward and position his car seat in the middle where he has a very nice view.

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