Saturday, November 13, 2010

Husband & Wife Conversation

After putting the baby to bed, I decided to go down to do some "swiffering". I go into the closet, take out the swiffer and rummage around for the swiffer refills.

Hubby: I wish we had a walis [broom].

Me: Ha ? Walis ? What do you mean ?

Hubby: The kind that we have in the Philippines.

Me: You mean, the walis-tambo ? [You can check out a picture at this link.]

Hubby: Yeah, a walis-tambo. Our floors will be so much cleaner if we had one of those.

Me: *smirking* It only works if you use it, you know. If someone would just take out this swiffer and push it around a few times,.. [then I lift up to show hubby the bottom of the swiffer]... see ? it does the job as well.

Hubby: I still think that a walis-tambo works better.

Me: If you promise to clean the floors (sweep) regularly, I'll buy you one.

Hubby: How & where will you buy it ?

Me: That's my problem. I'll hand-carry it all the way from Manila if I have to. So, do we have a deal ?

Hubby: [thinks hard] Swiffer na lang.


Crinklynose said...

haha, sometimes, walis tambo is better :o) swiffer can't pickup a lot of stuff. minsan, i use both :o) walist tambo muna then swiffer :o) buhay natin sa america no? sa pinas spoiled kasi merong maid mostly mga tao, haha :o)

ps. you can get walis tambo from any asian store... i think... at least we have dito sa asian store close to my house :)

popcorn said...

Hi Berns!

Meron rin dito, nakikita ko siya sa Asian stores. Hesitant lang ako bumili kasi

(1) di ako marunong magwalis, kumakalat lalo so swiffer-gal pa rin ako.

(2) si hubby ? Hanggang salita lang yan, di rin maglilinis yan.


Thanks for the advice though. Siguro I'll buy if we move to a bigger place w/ wooden floors. Btw, how much does they cost there ? Para may idea ako kung sulit yung dito or if I should buy online.