Friday, February 11, 2011


This was the Zooper stroller that we got for free when we signed up for cord-blood banking when Swe-cha was born. We've been using this since we outgrew the baby-carrier plus snap-n-go combination and other than the lack of a nice cup holder, I haven't been disappointed.

This stroller has amazed me yet again this winter. You see, it came with its own cozy winter boot so the baby is kept nice and warm while you stroll about outdoors. Aside from this winter boot, it also came with a rain cover and sun shade attachment. Ang cool, diba ? No need to shell out extra $$$ for accessories that you may or may not use. As I'm sure you already know, I'm a sucker for anything free (or cheap, heehee).

We've been house-bound all winter long because of the extreme cold (and the fact that Swe-cha was on & off sick in early December till January) but we did venture out the other day to visit this nearby daycare place the other day when it got a little bit warmer (40s fahrenheit).

He still does his usual complaining, squirming and screeching when I bundle him up and strap him in the winter boot but he quiets down and starts enjoying himself as soon as we are outside. He goes back to complaining again when we are indoors (methinks, he is mad at being restrained).

Swe-cha will start daycare in the next couple of weeks and as I don't plan on carrying him all the way to daycare and back and considering that he also resists getting strapped into his carseat, this is the next best thing. I do hope that he gets used to this and stops fighting me when I put him in, I am not looking forward to fighting with him twice a day.

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