Sunday, February 27, 2011

All ears

This is *not* a sponsored post but I just have to rave about some products that we recently got to use. Please do not continue reading if you're squeamish - this post contains graphic images and descriptions.

Last January, when we brought Swe-cha to his pediatrician for a sick baby visit and he was diagnosed with an ear and eye infection, we were also told that he has ear wax buildup in his ears and they were getting quite bad. I asked the doctor for advise and she told us to either use hydrogen peroxide or Debrox drops in his ears.

When we dropped by the pharmacy, I checked both out and decided to buy Debrox because it was meant for earwax and I thought that it was the better choice between the two. We didn't use it right away because I had some doubts as to how it really works because when I asked the doctor how we could get the wax out after using it, she told us that the wax "dissolves". Later, when I got home, I checked online and saw that you were supposed to flush the ear out after using the product and the wax comes out with the water. This made sense.

Given that the doctor told me that the wax "dissolves", I wanted to get an otoscope first so that I could check his ears before and after treatment. So I checked out reviews and options and was able to get a shortlist of what I might get.

A month after that sick baby visit (this was 2 weeks ago), we brought Swe-cha back to the pedia's office so that his ears can be checked. Doc has to make sure that his infection is all cleared up. By then, the wax buildup has gotten so bad, his eardrums couldn't be seen. His ear canal was all blocked up. The doctor couldn't see past the wax so she was not able to visually confirm that the ear infection has cleared up.

I quickly made the decision and ordered the otoscope when we got home. Unfortunately, Swe-cha isn't as cooperative as I wished he would be. He fought and kicked and waved his arms about and I just couldn't get near his ear w/ the otoscope so we never got around to using the Debrox on him.

Fast forward to this week, Swe-cha started daycare on Monday and by Wednesday, he was sniffling and by Friday afternoon, he had a fever. It was okay at first and manageable by Tylenol but that night, his fever spiked up to 104+F and it didn't go away even with the application of both Tylenol and Advil alternating every 3 hrs.

Hubby and I decided to break out the otoscope and check his ears out to try and see if he has an ear infection again. One of us hugged him and held his arms down, the other held his head still and peered into his right ear and ack! BLOCKED NGA! His ear canal was almost completely blocked by a solid wall of wax with only a little hole left - this explains his "selective hearing" and how he can easily ignore us whenever he does not agree with us :P

While he was asleep, we decided to apply debrox into his ears. We were only able to put in 4 drops into his left ear and only 2 in his right ear because he kept turning his head and sticking his finger into his ear. Later, he woke up and sat crying but he only seemed like he was bothered, not really in pain - I checked the reviews on amazon later and read that there are crackling and sizzling sounds when you apply the Debrox, this comes from the release of oxygen. Kaya naman pala.

When he woke up this morning, I found a big chunk of earwax just inside his auricle / outer ear - it measured 1/4" at its widest. This was from the left ear which got more drops of Debrox. Ang galing! Super effective, no ?

We took Swe-cha to the doctor to be checked out (for his fever) this morning and doc says that the one ear is completely wax-free! The other one's has been softened enough that she was able to push it to the side, she was able to check out both ears and they're both clear of infection - for now. We were sent home w/ instructions to just take good care of him, nurse his fever and keep him hydrated. Don't make a big issue out of it if he does not want to eat (doc says she wouldn't want to eat if she's down with a cold either).

Anyway, we plan to use more of the Debrox on his other ear as soon as he gets well. Don't want to bother him too much right now.

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