Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Gate

Materials used:

- munchkin top of stairs baby gate (hardware installed, not tension-mounted)
- melamine board (3/4" thick)
- Kidkusion Gummi Crib Rail
- nuts, bolts and screws

Tools used: measuring tape, level, pencil for marking, stud finder, power drill.

I'm glad that we decided to "finish" the edges of that melamine board that we used with Kidkusion Gummi Crib Rail protection instead of buying a thin sliver of melamine edging that you glue on the edge. Last night, I watched Swe-cha crawl to the board and bite the edge, right where the gummi covering is.

Effective, no ? Sulit na the $12.99 we paid for each box of the Gummi (we bought 2).

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