Sunday, February 27, 2011


I was checking out our refrigerator and found the basket of fruits - pushed way out into the back - that was part of the 13 fruits that I prepared for the Lunar new year.

Seeing that it has been weeks that hubby and I have been reminding each other to eat them but neither of us actually did as we're both too lazy to cut the fruit up or to peel them, I took out a big red pomelo cut it in half, put each half on a plate and placed it in front of hubby and me.

"Eat," I said.

As we struggled to peel our pomelos and fought to defend our eyes from the juices that spray out when we squeeze too hard, hubby tells me, "I have never heard of anybody eating all of these (as he points to his pomelo half) in one day. It's not possible!"

This made me laugh and laugh. I couldn't stop.

You see, that was the last thing I expected to hear from a guy who is known to eat half a watermelon in one sitting :)

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