Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day Loot

I wasn't really planning on going out today but hubby saw the President's Day deals that Staples had going on and we just couldn't resist.

I went and made hakot the free items that they advertised (shameless, I know!) and got the following items:

2 reams of multipurpose paper
2 packs of Avery address labels (750 pcs each pack)
2 packs of inkjet photo paper (60 pcs 4x6 each pack)
1 pack of 1x2 inch stickies (1200 sheets total)
1 spindle HP DVD-R (50pcs)

We paid $71 and expect to get $61 back in rebates. So this lot is gonna cost us $10 when we get back the rebates (I've never had issues with Staples' easy rebates naman so I'm not worried).

In fairness, I did plan on buying some card stock w/c I can use to print out flash cards for Swe-cha (remember, the laminating machine I purchased recently?) but they only sold the card stock in reams as huge as the multipurpose paper. So even though I didn't plan on "buying" the free photo packs of photo paper, I got them instead and I just plan using these for Swe-cha's flash cards.

For someone who has not brought home a paycheck in more than a year, I've sure spent a lot recently. Sigh.

Irresistible eh.


btw, if you're reading this on or before 2/21 and you're in the US, you might still be able to get the same deals if they're being offered in your local store.

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